August CocoaHeads - VENUE CHANGE; Functional Reactive Swift; Don't be Slack

This month we have 2 changes from our regularly scheduled program, so I’m contacting everyone quite early. Firstly, our illustrious organiser Mark Aufflick is out of the country, so you’re stuck with me (Craig aka @thepaddedcell) instead. #dealwithit

Secondly, and more importantly, we have a change of venue. This month’s CocoaHeads will be held at the offices of TabCorp.

The address is Level 31, 680 George Street, Sydney. It’s the Ernst & Young building of World Square (

We will be meeting as usual on the third Thursday, which for August is Thursday 20th, starting at 6:30pm (sorry for forgetting this vital detail first time!)

Our speakers this month are:

Sebastian Grail will be presenting “Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming in Swift”

Chris Hulbert will be presenting “Don’t be Slack: A navigation structure for loading, login & dashboards”

Hope to see you there!