WatchKit meet LIFX by Mark Aufflick

At last weeks Sydney CocoaHeads, barely 24 hours after WatchKit was released, I thought it would be a good idea to demo a little app I wrote to control a wifi-controlled light globe from LIFX. It went surprisingly ok! Hope you enjoy it.

For those wondering about the NDA, we tend to agree with Ray Wenderlich and Craig Hockenberry, that “Since the Apple Watch SDK docs are open to the public and we haven’t heard anything to the contrary, we are assuming it is OK to talk about WatchKit at this point. If anyone hears an official word on the matter, please let us know!” — Greg Heo on

The demo code shown is on GitHub:

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As always, Sydney CocoaHeads brought to you by The High Technology Bureau and sponsored by Atlassian. Thanks to Craig Stanford for supplying and manning the video camera this month.