Sydney CocoaHeads is THIS THURSDAY. Now with 100% more ChronometerKit.

Hi all,


I couldn’t help it, I’ve made a simple WatchKit app that controls photons. I’m sure the demo will be flawless!


I spoke too soon, and we have tracked down a real live speaker? Max Grebenets is going to give a talk on, wait for it, “Flappy Swift”, not to be confused with _“Flappy Swtf” _which is a new language Samsung is working on.

Come for the gameplay, enjoy the syntax!


Sydney CocoaHeads is THIS Thursday September 17th. Well, sort of. We don’t actually have any actual speakers lined up, so it’s going to be a fairly freewheeling night.

Maybe we’ll set up some tables for hacking, maybe we’ll just stand around drinking beer awkwardly semi-dancing-on-the-spot to some funky tunes. There’s always the pool table and table tennis table that we can pretend to be Atlassian employees and have a go at.

Some people might like to demo their apps or show something off the cuff.

And Craig thinks he has enough other stickers to do some sort of ad-hoc quiz.

I have a few other ideas for some random bits - we are all starting to wind down for the year anyway, right? Feel free to let me know or discuss online any other ideas. Maybe Chris and Gordon can just stand up the front and we’ll see who can come up with the best heckle. Or start an argument about Core Data with Tom. Whatever, it’s always fun to get together!

On the plus side, as always, CocoaHeads is held at Atlassian, which means free pizza and beer! Come and talk to me about Stash! Actually talk to Marcin - he knows a bit more about it.

When: Thursday September 18th, 6:30pm

Where: Atlassian (Level 6, 341 George St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, AustraliaLook for the Westpac building opposite Martin Place (next to the old Virgin Megastore) and since the bank will be closed there’s a side entrance to access the lifts on Wynyard St.