July CocoaHeads - Thursday 17th

Hi all,

July CocoaHeads is nearly upon us - Thursday 17th.

This month we have two new speakers! Everyone be kind and only heckle in a well meaning way please :)

Ben Taylor is going to speak on “Setting Fire to Your iPhone With Particle Effects” (ie. CAEmitterLayer, not actually setting your phone on fire, which would be very dangerous due to the Lithium battery).

Phil Farrugia is going to give a talk about “maybe a bit of REPL and mostly ‘I’m a beginner, do I swift or do I ObjC? How and why?’”

As always, CocoaHeads is held at Atlassian, which means free pizza and beer!

When: Thursday July 17th, 6:30pm Where: Atlassian (Level 6, 341 George St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, AustraliaLook for the Westpac building opposite Martin Place (next to the old Virgin Megastore) and since the bank will be closed there’s a side entrance to access the lifts on Wynyard St.