Sydney CocoaHeads February is on Thursday Feb 21st

Hi all,

As announced in various places over the past month, we’re moving to the Third Thursday of the month for 2013. The driver for this is it was the only available Thursday in the meetup space at our generous new host Atlassian (round of applause please!)




After last months excellent drinks (thanks @dunk) we have some great talks to kick off 2013.



First up, Tom Brodhurst-Hill and Jaroslav Veselovsky (ie. Tom & Jerry :) will be talking about PaintCode - the very handy app from @PixelCutCompany that lets you draw (or import) vector artwork and generate scalable drawing code for iOS or Mac.



Following that, Craig Stanford is going to give a talk mysteriously titled “Somebody Stop Me! - CALayerMasking and you”.


**When: **Thursday February 21st, 6:30pm

Where: Atlassian

Level 6, 341 George St
Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

It’s the Westpac building opposite Martin Place (next to the old Virgin Megastore) and since the bank will be closed there’s a side entrance to access the lifts on Wynyard St.

See you there!