CocoaHeads Sydney back on again for 2011 - First meetup is February 3rd - Call for speakers

I hope everyone managed to get a good break and weren’t all furiously coding away for deadlines :)

CocoaHeads Sydney will commence meeting again in a few weeks, on Thursday February 3rd.

I’m going to try to hit a higher level of organisation and talk ratio this year. The former relies on me, the latter relies on YOU! So please contact me if you want to give a talk or have an idea for a talk. Anyone keen for talking on Feb 3rd would be most welcome, but feel free to commit to some later month.

I’ve called for talks before and had limited responses - usually the people who have given talks before offer to give new talks. If we want
to see more topics covered then we are all going to have to put our hand up and present something. We are all noobs to some extent (I lost an hour last week on a nib problem that was solved with a clean build!) so don’t feel that you have nothing to offer.

So step up for your country and send me some emails :)