End of year wrap up

It’s been a great 2010 for Sydney CocoaHeads. We have been seeing regular attendance in the mid twenties—the number of attendees that is, not their average age which is somewhat higher…

We’ve had local developers give great presentations, seen locally developed iOS and Mac apps featured by Apple, press and high-calibre TV shows like Sunrise and at least one technical Oscar nomination (well, ok - exactly one, and he was in Adelaide at the time…)

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Thanks to all our generous sponsors, David Morrison from UTS for organising a venue for nearly two years, Snepo Research and Agency Rainford (and friends) for providing venues, pizza and beer over the past year, Nathan de Vries and Pumptheory (ie. me ;) for providing more beer and KeyOptions for the projector.

Even more importantly, thank you to our speakers over the years who have made something worth (mostly) attending, sorted by whatever Emacs thinks sort-lines means:

Alan Rogers André Pang Cameron Barrie Chris Suter Justin Clayden Mark Aufflick Nathan Day Nathan de Vries

I feel like I’m accepting an Oscar myself, but I wanted to thank everyone who has helped make Sydney CocoaHeads as strong as it is now. Thanks are also due to those stalwarts (some now no longer regular attendees) who carried us through our lean years and finally thanks to Mark Dalrymple for the global brand that is CocoaHeads.