October CocoaHeads Sydney biggest ever! (except for the biggest)

Thanks to everyone who came to the cool Agency Rainford offices last night. Apart from our kickoff meetup a few years ago (where we had 34 people) last night’s total of 21 people was our biggest ever. Great to meet some new people as always.

The night started well with beers provided by Nathan (Atnan) de Vries and obligatory donuts from Pumptheory.

I presented a class I wrote to try to ease the pain of simple static UITableViews, MGATableView which seemed to go down well except for Nathan pointing out that the form builder classes in 320 do exactly the same thing… Slides are available on the talks page.

Mr Justin James Clayden (that’s what his email calls him, protocol requires I match the formality) from KeyOptions gave what was supposed to be a lightning (ie. 5 minutes) talk titled “Obj-C annoyances and workarounds” but actually turned out to be a great discussion starter on topics ranging from our first computers, 6502 visualisation and Objective-C coding styles. Justin’s presentation finished with a video of his slightly mad-professor windowing system and finite state machine for iOS which for some reason made me think of MPW.

Sorry no photos this month—I neglected to bring my camera.

Next month we will be having a regular meeting again so please let me know if you would like to speak—either a full presentation or a 3-5 minute lightning talk (remember, lightning talks have to be neither good nor relevant ;) and December we will be having Christmas drinks at a yet to be named venue. Stay tuned to this blog and/or the usual channels.

This meetup wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors for this month: